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Scent and hospitality made in Aigialeia!

Εvery year, during the second half of August, DH.K.EP.A designs and organizes a unique event. OINOXENIA is an innovative custom, a multiday cultural and gastronomic journey to the landscapes and flavors of Aigialeia, to the rich wine culture, to the culture and hospitality of the region, with many sophisticated events and gastronomic happenings.

Music and gastronomy nights, concerts, horseback riding tours, games in the vineyards, movie nights, local tastes and exceptional wines, artistic events and guided tours at the local wineries compose a great program for oenophiles and not only.

Aigialeia unfolds its unique splendors. From the highland landscapes and villages to the coastal attractions, Aigialeia emanates scents of culture and hospitality.

Odontotos is not just a train. Vouraikos gorge and Odontotos rack railway Diakopto – Kalavrita is a unique attraction to all of Greece. An area full of towns, villages, hospitable inhabitants, unique environment and the scent of Greek life. In order to write the history of this place we need volumes of books but a trip on the train will give you a real taste.


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