LIOPETRO Restaurant

With the idyllic view from Aigio to the lacy shores of the Corinthian Gulf, surrounded by the verdant landscape of Foniskaria, where nature flirts with luxury and human intervention with high aesthetics and simplicity, stretches the stone-built traditional restaurant “Liopetro “, suitable to host any kind of event, ready to be the canvas on which you will… embroider your dreams!

“Liopetro”, consistent in the quality and tradition of Greek cuisine, during its many years of operation, has won the preferences of those who want to combine their going out with good food, a warm, welcoming environment and impeccable service. It is the ideal solution for the wedding reception, the gathering for your child’s baptism, the organization of dances, parties, events and other events, creating moments that will remain indelibly etched in your memory.

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Cavino was founded in 1958 in Aigio by Konstantinos Anastasiou and Ioannis Douskas.

It was originally a winery, but it very soon became a distillery too.

Aigio, the city where the vision of creating a modern winery – distillery was conceived, is located in a unique landscape of vineyards. The slopes of Aigialia combine with the mountains and the sea in a unique way to form a special microclimate.

Cavino primarily uses indigenous grape varieties such as Roditis, Lagorthi, Sideritis, Agiorgitiko, Mavro Kalavrytino and, of course, the famous Mavrodaphne. However, it also successfully grows international varieties such as Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Acheon Winery focuses on the vinification of indigenous grape varieties cultivated in the mountainous region of Aigialeia and the production of high-quality wines which will contribute to the growth and fame of the region all over the world.

We aim to produce top quality wines from indigenous Greek varieties expressing the terroir of the region with respect to man and the environment.

Acheon Winery envisions becoming a top contributor of quality wines made from Greek indigenous varieties that express the typical climate and soil features of the region (terroir) to satisfy the modern, demanding consumer.

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CALVO CocktailBar - Restaurant

Calvo is new area was created in 2021 on the beach of Akolis. Stratos Vardakis and Giannis Kossieris put passion, love and enough imagination and welcome you to enjoy your coffee, gourmet food and their new dishes.
In the evening we continue with our cocktails and our drinks with beautiful music, with DJ’s or even with live music.
We are waiting for you..

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GEOPARK Chelmos-Vouraikos

The Protected Area of the National Park and UNESCO Global Geopark of Chelmos-Vouraikos, extends to the prefectures of Achaia and Corinthia and is bounded by the watersourses of the rivers Vouraikos, Krathis, Aroanios and the coastal zone of Diakofto. Its total area comprises about 647.000 acres.
The enormous ecological interest of the National Park is due to its floristic richness, as it hosts a high number of plant species – including Greek endemic, endemic of Peloponnese and local endemic species – many of them are either included on IUCN’s global Red Lists of Threatened Species and/or are integrated into an international protection regime. The aforementioned for the floristic richness are combined with the extensive presence of fir and black pine forests, as well as forests of broad-leaved oak to a lesser extent, giving a distinct ecological and aesthetic value to the mountainous landscape. The fauna of the region is also remarkable both at National and European level, including a large number of insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

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The winery building, impressive and tastfull, is in absolute harmony with the surrounding environment.

The inside of the building designed with attention to the smallest detail,remains fuctional and looks nothing like a factory.This is due to the wooden roof,the carved stones,the wood,and the farming tools lying around which were used in the past in grape growing and wine making.

Small stainless tanks connected to a central refrigeration system provide small scale wine making per variety and vineyard. The wine cellar with the oak barrels, brings back memories of the past.

The display of wine accessories gives us the chance to buy gifts for friends and ourselves,which will reinforce the pleasure of the wine.

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The family business “LIANOS” has operated for 4 generations in the olive oil industry. Our long experience in the production of high-quality olive oil, combined with the finest olives of the Mediterranean, allows us to provide the excellent extra virgin olive oil “LIANOS.”

The modern facilities of our olive mill in Kamares Aigialeias Achaia and packaging unit meet all requirements set by the strict international quality standards ISO 22000. We fully control the entire process, from the collection, processing and storage to the packaging of the produced olive oil. We can thus guarantee its perfect quality. Our olive oil is produced at low temperatures (cold pressed) to retain its aroma and great taste, as well as all the beneficial elements that render it so fine, for a long time.

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The goal of our team is to expand children’s knowledge in a gentle and pleasant way.  We share with you our path where our little ones learn to care for and love animals with respect to mother nature that embraces them in her arms.

Wa have based our design on fairytale characters, heroes and ideas that offer learning experiences and appropriate stimuli to children, creatively shaping their character.

All Lalakooki Collections are sewn with high quality cotton fabrics and materials.  The designs and patterns we have created are unique. Their color codes and textures highlight the beauty of childhood and motherhood.

DIscover the combination for your “Lalakooki”!

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The Rouvalis Winery is a small winery, designed for the production of quality terroir wines. It is built on the rock, in six different levels and it utilizes the natural gravity-flow in every stage of the wine making process.

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Small 3-star family hotel, 36 fully equipped rooms located on the beach in the village of Selianitika in the area of Aigialeia with swimming pool, restaurant, roof garden.

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Long Beach Hotel in Aigio is a wonderful complex, situated at the north coast of Peloponnese.

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Harmony Holiday Apartments with Hotel Service and Swimming Pool on the Peloponnese, Open All Year.

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Since 1971, we started with great passion to make the well-known dairy and cheese products “yogurt and feta O KOMIS”. We already had the knowledge from our grandparents, so as a family we started to offer you unique flavors of pure dairy products made with milk of our own production.

We continue in the same way today, but with the most modern technological facilities. We renewed our products and packaging and set up a new factory in 2011, expanding our own network. We now reach you in Achaia, Corinthia, Argolis, Arcadia, Attica.

Our sheep’s yogurt and feta cheese are made from 100% Greek sheep’s milk. 60% of the sheep’s milk is based on our own animals, grazing in Petsakous Kalavryta.

The cow’s yogurt, together with the rice milk and the cream, consists of 100% Greek milk from the cows grazing in Petsakous Kalavryta.

All our products are produced in the traditional way, without admixture of preservatives and chemicals.

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VIORGAN - Red Worms Composting

Our company was founded in 1987 by the agriculturist Timoleon Sidiropoulos, with the objective of producing organic fertilizer through a special breed of red earthworms (Lumbricus rubellus).

Today, the company is having modern mechanical equipment and achieved to perfect the techniques of earthworm farm production, through a fully integrated system, a product line – based on the product of earthworm – fully aligned with the current needs of the Greek agriculture and requirements of modern gardening.

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CITYZEN - Espesso Kitchen Bar

A specially designed all-day area on Aigio beach.

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Greek Kitchen opposite the Aigio Museum, with excellent food and excellent space and fast service.

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Homm farms consists of a small group of young producers. The extra virgin olive oil, the Corinthian black currant, the special fir honey and the wine, are some of the basic products that it produces on the mountain slopes of Aigialeia.

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Hellas Revival is the private business initiative of a group of Hellenic Culture admirers and professional experts.

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Farmers Union Vostizza is the largest exporter of “Vostizza” type Corinthian raisins. It was founded in 1935 in Aigio when the Union of Raisin Cooperatives (1918) and the Raisin Bank of Vostizza merged, with the main purpose of collecting and marketing raisin producers.

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Prometheus Space Technologies is a business in the space industry. It develops products that will help maintain the space and therefore ensuring the earth is safe in it.

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The newspaper «To Vima tis Aigialeias» was published in 1975, a few months after the dictatorship by the journalist Fanis Zouropoulos and for 40 years it was identified with the social, political, cultural and sports life of Aigialeia.

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PROTIONLINE is a news electronic medium, which covers issues of the region of Aigialeia mainly, but also important news from Greece and the world.

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The Cinema Club of Aigio was originally founded in 1979. The aim is to create an active film community in the region of Aigialeia, following the standards of other cinema clubs throughout Greece and Europe.


The Helike Project under the direction of archaeologist Dora Katsonopoulou and co-direction of physicist Steven Soter carried out trial and systematic excavations bringing to light rich ancient remains.

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The Folklore Museum is dedicated to showcasing, promoting and educating on everyday life, occupations and the glorious past of Aigialeia. Our 500+sq.m permanent exhibition operating within a three-generation olive oil mill, await you.

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Our organization has almost 50 members all related with Byzantine Music. Our purpose is to represent any of our members in matters of Byzantine Ekklisiastiki Music and others.

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The Commercial Association of Aigialeia was founded in 1880 and plays a leading role in the economic and tourist development in the city of Aigio.


The folkloric dance workshop It was founded in 2002 by people involved in folk culture and especially traditional dance. Participates dance festivals while he has collaborated with many important orchestras and with great artists.


The Folkloric Dancing Group of Aigio was founded in 1978 and today is one of the biggest, in number of dancers, Cultural Associations of Greece, which deal with the teaching, presentation and distribution of Greek traditional dances.

He has given hundreds of performances in the region of Aigialeia, in the communities of Achaia, but also in many cities in Greece and abroad.

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The Historical Cultural Association of Temeni “I ENOSI”, was founded in 1926 with the aim of preserving the cultural tradition and promoting the folk heritage.

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The historical folklore company Phelloe is a historical research forum focused on the history and folklore of the Municipality of Aigialeia, in the Prefecture of Achaia, Peloponnese.


Cultural Association Everywhere Selianites “I FELLOI”

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