Information for the area Identity

We consider your contribution on the formation of the tourist identity and development of Gravina/Aigialeia/Grotagglie valuable and the first step is to fill the special forms down bellow including the following information about:

  1. Your Business, organization, other entity related with activities on the sector of culture or tourism..
  2. Events (cultural or other) located in Gravina/Aigialeia/Grottaglie from your institution.
  3. Activities located in Gravina/Aigialeia/Grottaglie from your institution, e.g. horse ridding trips in nature trails for the local Equestrian Club
  4. Points of interest located in the eligible area.

NOTE: The information given will be used only for the aims of the project (website, apps, promotional material) and will not be given in third parties.

Thank you in advance for your interest and we are at your disposal for further information or discussion for the aims and objectives of the FAME ROAD project.

Business / Organisation / Other Entity

Press the button below to complete the form about your personal information and your business, organization or other entity related with cultural or tourism activities


Press the button below to complete the event’s information (of cultural or tourism point of interest) implemented on a regular basis (yearly, monthly, weekly or other) by your institution.


Press the button below to fill in the details of the activity you are proposing to implement and may attract visitors in our area.

Points of Interest

Press the button to fill in the details of the point of interest related with the protected areas, natural beauty areas, monuments and places that highlight our cultural heritage (tagible and intangible) within the eligible area.

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