We do not sit at the table just to eat… but to eat together

Plutarch, ancient Greek historian

One of the most authentic cultural elements of a place is gastronomy. The unique tastes of a destination’s cuisine are linked to the qualities and characteristics of its society and reveal an important piece of information regarding its cultural and economic history. At the same time, food is also a form of communication, a way to “speak” to someone’s heart.

Aigialia’s particular terrain, the mountainous areas, the sea, the climate and a centuries-old history have all played a part in creating countless dishes and tasty combinations that make up the local cuisine. Your journey to this part of Greece will turn into an unforgettable experience once you have savored the culinary delights of this part of the country. Well-known and well-preferred within as well as beyond Greek borders, Western’s Greece cuisine is about straightforward flavors and thanks to the fine quality of raw materials, local gastronomy offers a variety of delectable traditional dishes, complementing the region’s special cultural identity.

Local cuisine mainly uses ingredients found on the mountain and depends mostly on stock farming products: milk, cheese, olive oil, wine and honey and of course, the famous black currants. Whether you choose a haute cuisine restaurant or a traditional off the beaten track tavern, one thing’s for sure: you will be served the best of what’s available, to make sure you are entirely satisfied.

Furthermore, the land of Aigialeia hides another two secret treasures which are tending to grow their reputation over the last couple of years. The fisrt one is the black currant of the region, with the awarded trademark of Protected Designation of Origin product due to its exceptional taste, while the latter are the wines of Aigialeia, coming with a Protected Geographical Indication signature.

Both these two aforementioned products, accompanied by all the “hidden jewels” of the land of Aigialeia, are being exhibited every year during the second part of August, in “Oinoxeneia” event. The festival itself, transforms Aigialeia into an innovative entailing cultural and gastronomic journey to the landscapes and tastes of the region, with many events of high aesthetic quality.