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In this online consultation forum, active citizens and organizations are given the chance to present their ideas on:

 How to make Elassona a Tourist Destination of Value.                     

The ideas are categorized as follows: 



Revealing the Mythical Greatness in the heart of Greece, the unique and enigmatic Mount Olympus spreads out enchantingly surrounded by myths, legends, and unfathomable wonders. In this ethereal landscape, where ancient gods once roamed and mortals sought divine inspiration, a visionary project is set to blossom, titled: “Discovering Olympus”: A Cultural Trail of Food, Art, Movement and Energy.”

 As the sun sets on the mythical mountain, not only the rocky peaks are illuminated but also the thoughts of those who dream of uncovering its hidden treasures. Our project is an ambitious venture from the heart, which attempts to bring closer the essence of Olympus, in terms of History, Art, Energy, and culinary delights by creating and consolidating a unique experience that will transcend the boundaries of time. At the core of our project lies the desire to map the land, air, and water cultural routes, capturing the essence of Olympus both in the digital space and in the physical. We invite travelers and learners to embark on a transformative journey, to tour the heart of nature, the heart of the majestic monument of nature and Culture, our Olympian and Paralympic cultural heritage and insurmountable sovereign inspiration. Our interactive platform becomes a gateway to the eternal heritage of the mountain. Augmented reality invites enthusiasts to watch gods and heroes come to life, while virtual reality reveals museums, theaters, resorts, and horizons inaccessible to the physical explorer.

Author of the idea: Rokkou Aikaterini


The idea of the “World’s 1st Ceremony for the Universal Intellect and Arts’ Flame Lighting, accompanied by a Ritual Invocation to the Mother of the Muses Mnemosyne” has been the lifelong dream of Dr.Katsivelos. In Ancient Greece, an invocation to Hestia was performed every day, firstly within each house and followed collectively in the Prytaneum’s premises. From time to time, Muses were invoked, either one or more of them depending on the occasion of the event that was about to happen, often related to Sports, Spiritual beliefs, Music, and others. Regularly the Ancient Athenians used to bring honor to the mother of the Muses, Mnemosyne.
Unfortunately, all the existing records were destroyed by Theodora and Justinian’s  (black-robed assault regiments), led by the monophysite monk Eftychis and by the favored – submissive hierarch of Theodora – patriarch Minas. There are though, well-preserved fragments of imprints and impressions in the Vatican, Mount Athos, Patmos, and Jerusalem. During such an overwhelming and difficult period our planet is facing, reintegrating this emblematic event would spread a clear message of peace and hope. 

Author of the idea: Mr.Katsivelos

BOTANIC GARDEN: "Scents of Olympus"

Through a collaboration between the Department of
Biochemistry of Larissa, the Department of Botanic and the Department of Aromatic Plants of the University of Athens, and working alongside DIMITRA and various public bodies, a special botanical garden, hosting the endemic plants of Olympus (tea, oregano, thyme, aromatic plants…), will be located in a 10 to 15 hectares area in Karia, Skamnia or Olympiada. Activities like seed production, categorization, reproduction of subcategories and the analysis of components will be developed. The purpose of this project is to record and showcase the endemic flora biodiversity, in order to highlight its richness and usefulness for sustainable commercial exploitation. Actually, the plants of Olympus are very beneficial and can be used in medicine, perfumery and food for the preparation of old recipes. Of course, the final goal of this project is to contribute to the tourist attractiveness of the place.

Please contact Mrs.Blioumi :


The purpose of the project is to create an online map of the region, which will provide information on the recorded routes of Elassona’s province and each settlement separately, through which the political, social and religious course of its inhabitants will be communicated.  The user will be able to choose cultural routes of various kinds such as historical monuments, religious monuments, tourist attractions,
natural landscapes, mountain routes and paths, etc. The  content available on the platform can be itineraries of various topics, for example: 

– Folklore subjects;

– Historical routes;

– Mixed cultural routes: include elements of cultural and natural heritage;

– Urban: monuments and other cultural elements of the city of Elassona;

– Local: monuments and other cultural elements on the borders of a community or a village;

– Hyperlocal: linked to the wider geographical area

– National: linked to national history, e.g. the historical path of the Greek nation and our region towards the conquest of national freedom;

– Transnational: linked to the disparate history of other peoples and discussed at this cultural level;

– Pilgrimage route to monasteries in our province;

– Mountain trails in the imposing mass of Olympus;

-Routes in the architecture of traditional settlements.

It is considered that the promotion of cultural heritage through cultural routes and tourism is based on the reproduction of the past through the present. After all, cultural tourism means traveling to discover places and activities that represent the stories and people of the past, but also the future.

The cultural routes contain a multitude of natural and cultural elements and various attractive activities, as a result of which they are an important attraction for tourists and strongly contribute to tourism and in general to local development. The online and digital promotion of the cultural roots of our region will contribute to the general development of the region.

Please contact Mrs.Raptou Evagelia / +306972857733


Through the creation of a movie Academy and its respective museum, our goal is to allow new generations to discover and explore the beautiful landscapes of Elassona. 

Please contact: Mrs.Korina Pantou


The proposal of the specific visual art is to highlight the folklore using materials from the history of the place, such as dough threads, sacks of old wood, utensils… and to make an exhibition of paintings from recycled materials as well as a workshop of exchange and interaction with young and old generations. Through interactive and creative games children will have the opportunity to know and explore all the historical memory and to empower the bond to their roots and their untouchable cultural heritage on the other hand Generation Z would face the challenge to convert material in a virtual exhibition The idea belongs to Mrs. Lilika Arnaki, an international recognized painter and visual artist. 

Please contact Mrs.Lilika Arnaki


The creation of a tourist info point in the central square of Elassona would allow us to promote organically the territory, showcasing all that we have to offer. The idea is to design official routes within the province of Elassona having as points of reference the Rural Ethnographic Museum of Aradosivion, the city of Elassona and
its museums and of course Mount Olympus. Another important element is the organization of the festival of
Perraiviki Tripoli in the archaeological sites and the squares of the three ancient cities: Azores, Dolihi, Pythio. In addition, it would be interesting to organize guided tours to visit the companies cooperating with DIKEEL, that produce PDO products (lamb, goat, feta Elassonas) and PGI wine and tsipouro of Elassonas. Guided tours should also be organized around the city, in different eco-friendly ways of transport, for example, bicycles, electric segways…providing also practical information for visitors regarding e.g. bike-friendly roads, overnight places for caravans, motorbikes, etc.

Please contact Mr.Thomas Liolios