Points of Interest in Gravina

Gravina is a town in Apulia, in the province of Bari, of about 45,000 inhabitants. Located 350 meters above sea level and about 60 km from Bari, it borders Basilicata to the south. It is located between the pre-Apennines of Basilicata and the Murgia.
Part of the city extends on the banks of a deep crevasse, very similar to the canyons, carved into the limestone rock by the Gravina torrent, a tributary of the Bradano, from which the famous ravines of the Murgia take their name, in a territory characterized by the presence of numerous karst cavities, such as the Pulicchio di Gravina. At 6 km from the town centre, there is the “Difesa Grande” municipal woodland, one of the most important woodland complexes in the whole of Apulia, a site of community importance. Gravina is also one of the 13 municipalities that make up the territory of the Alta Murgia National Park (among other things, it houses the headquarters of the Park Authority), a vast area of 68,077 hectares characterized by a karst territory and a powerful expression of nature, which over the centuries have undergone the anthropic work, but always respectful of places. Masserie, jazzi, neviere, dry-stone walls stand out on a landscape that boasts one of the most incredible variety of fauna and flora species.