Grottaglie: City of Art, Ceramics and Grapes


The word ‘Grottaglie’ comes from the Latin Kriptalys and the Greek Κρυπταλύς, a name that underlines the presence of caves (krypta, κρύπτα) that significantly characterize the city.

Walking through Grottaglie you will be inebriated by the smells of a city rich in art and culture, typical of ancient villages, but also of a dense vegetation composed of thyme, mauve and thistles.

Winter in Grottaglie are mild while summers are often hot and humid, reflecting a typically Mediterranean climate. The rainfall is not very abundant but, in the rainiest seasons, it is possible to observe one of the peculiarity beauties of this territory: the creation of the only natural waterfall in Puglia inside the Gravina di Riggio.

Usually the karstic rocks of the gravine absorb the water and carry it in the meanders of the earth, while in the case of Riggio the water gives Grottaglie a real enchanted place where nature and biodiversity become one with the works of man.