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For Stakeholders and citizens of FAME Cities

The local development model brightening the future of the territories

F.A.M.E. whose acronym stands for Food, Art, Movement, Energy, is the road to a cultural virtuous circle in which communities work together towards a common growth recognizing the same vision.

We believe that the 4 pillars of F.A.M.E. represent a new community ideology of those people who are willing to live in harmony with the nature.

The great transitions of evolutionary history and their impact on social relationships lead us to ponder on new models to project ourselves into the future with confidence, courage and safety.

F.A.M.E. Vision

F.A.M.E. involves communities by creating positive synergies between agriculture, tourism, crafts and trade to determine sustainable growth, in harmony with the vocations of the territories. F.A.M.E. represents a cultural, economic and social growth that focuses on the relationships between residents, tourists and the environment in order to build an ecosystem capable of guaranteeing a better quality of life.

F.A.M.E. Value

The values shared in the F.A.M.E. ecosystem are man and communities. Man represents the “atomic” element of which communities are made up. Through his action, he weaves stable and strong relationships in safeguarding the earth. In a creative reinterpretation, the model favors the transition from ego-system to ecosystem, from hunter to gardener, from tourist to temporary citizen, from detached to engaging, from fantasy to authenticity, from appearance to substance, from advertising to cultural story, from promise to reliability.

F.A.M.E. Culture 

“… A development model that can not only leverage the cultural heritage sector, but must be centered around a production process that integrates the tourism enhancement activity with the other production sectors that are connected to that process (crafts, food and wine, transport and so on) and at the same time implements an investment plan in the high-tech sectors …”

Massimo Bray, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, 2013-2014

F.A.M.E. Actions

In a territory, virtualized by networks, producers and consumers usually perceived as two distinct entities often come together as aggregations of producers and inhabitants, building communities of interests and responsibilities linked to the care of places, the urban contexts and the agricultural territory. The iconic assets of the territories become factors of recomposition and connection through the ethically oriented use of technology for the benefit of the eco-territorial dimension. The project involves the creation of Professional Interest Groups, professionals who nurture the debate on the themes of the four pillars, to encourage the osmosis of shared values and knowledge leading to Citizen Driven Destination Building.

The values are consolidated into three macro actions:

Brand: The beauty of the places, the emotional energy of the art works, the depth of traditions, each vision of the future will be combined with the specificity of its geographical position and its culture open to the continuous desire for knowledge in which to make the difference between success and failure. This will undoubtedly center the human factor, that will create the unique territorial brand.

Platform: A social weaving between public and private as a result of a fiduciary pact for the sustainable valorization of territorial resources, without going beyond the limits of wild and out of control exploitation. The iconic places of the communities will have to change the paradigm of fruition, conservation and enhancement of art and culture, through processes of digitization and multidisciplinary narration.

Hub: The art within its various containers must also represent the close correlation between economy, environment and cultural processes for the story of its own identity, through the historical values of a belonging, the ethical values of an identity and contemporary values for the inspiration of new artistic masterpieces. The FAME platform, elaborated further in the physical or virtual Hub, represents a creative collaboration that overcomes the separation between the tourism system and the local community aiming at defining an integrated offer.

F.A.M.E. Map 

F.A.M.E. is a dynamic model in which its four pillars are integrated and renewed in an ongoing process of hybridization, regeneration and socio-cultural innovation.

  1. Food: Eat consciously with healthy and seasonal food – as suggested by the Mediterranean Diet, UNESCO intangible heritage;
  2. Art: Looking at the art as an inspiring source, generates a collective feeling capable of reaching the present breaking its limits and nourishing the soul through beauty;
  3. Move: Moving, going beyond the urban and suburban concept, becomes synonymous with human and territorial growth thanks to the connections that are generated;
  4. Energy: Regenerating through the valorization of the energy of the places, respecting the available resources and the related environmental impact.

F.A.M.E.: Building together what it takes to make a more certain future

United for F.A.M.E.