Many have written, spoken and immortalized with images the very long history of Gravina, which has its roots as early as the eighth century BC. and, through the various civilizations, it unfolds over the centuries with amazing and extraordinary testimonies.

No one, however, had previously thought of the existence of an underground Gravina, the one on which, very casually, we walk every day; an equally evocative and fascinating Gravina where time, almost by magic, has stopped.

Michele Parisi, president of the Underground Gravina Association, has brought to light, with tenacity and perseverance, an unprecedented and unknown Gravina by penetrating the mysteries enclosed in the meanders of impassable tunnels with faithful companions, ready to share the risks of a reckless adventure.

In the video and photographic collection, the Association mixes the visible Gravina and the hidden Gravina, both rich in considerable historical depth.

With enthusiasm and audacity, the Association had the audacity to take Gravina beyond the borders of Puglia, gaining appreciation everywhere for his work and arousing amazement for an unknown and suggestive city of natural and artistic beauty, a city that still seeks its right size among the cities of art.

The mission of the Association is to continue on this line, organizing guided excursions not only in the hidden city, but also in the rock churches, in the cellars, symbols, however, of an underground civilization, as well as organizing cultural events and demonstrations to bring out, once again, from the darkness of the underground the hidden wonders of this fantastic and eternal city.


The Alta Murgia National Park, established with the Presidential Decree of 10 March 2004 (GURI n.152 of 01 July 2004), is among the largest nationally with its 68,077 ha including in the territories of the thirteen Municipalities (Altamura, Andria, Bitonto , Cassano Murge, Corato, Gravina in Puglia, Grumo Appula, Minervino Murge, Poggiorsini, Ruvo di Puglia, Santeramo in Colle, Spinazzola, Toritto) belonging to the Provinces of Bari and BAT. The Site is characterized by the presence of two priority habitats: the “Grasslands on calcareous substrate ( Festuca-Brometalia ) with wonderful flowering of Orchids” and the “Pseudo-steppe paths of grasses and annuals ( Thero-Brachypodietea )”.

The territory of the Park is characterized by an evocative succession of rocky ridges, sinkholes, rolling hills, sinkholes, karst cavities, steep escarpments, blades, extensive natural and cultivated pastures, oak and conifer woods, where the perennial action of nature is mixes and coexists with the millenary man who built stone farms, sometimes fortified to defend himself from attack by marauders, equipped with fences and stables for flocks, cisterns, neviere, churches, mirrors and infinite networks of dry stone walls.


For those who are travelling in the territory of Bari and in its province in search for some cultural places, Ettore Pomarici Santomasi’s Foundation certainly represents one the best solution. Located in the middle of the ancient town, this “blind treasure” is a gift to the town by a nobleman after his death occurred on 7-12-1917 as confirmed from his testament; in 1920 it was turned into an artificial person through the Royal Decree nr. 1761 on 28-11-1920.


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