The town of Elassona is a picturesque village nestled in a suggestive natural landscape, between mountains and woods. Situated in Larissa region, Elassona has always enjoyed a strategical position, being located on the passes leading from the Thessalian Plain to Macedonia. This feature made of Elassona a place of conquests that provided the city with a rich historical backgroung. In antiquity Elassona was known as Oloosson (Ὀλοοσσών) and it was even mentioned in the Iliad  in Homer’s Catalogue of Ships, for providing armed contingents that supported the Greek side in the Trojan War. Today Elassona offers the best location to start your visit to Mount Olympus national park, Byzantine Castle of Platamon and to the Olympus lagoons. If you are into hiking and naturalistic tourism, Elassona is the perfect solution to plan your trip under the sign of outdoor activities and experiential tours to discover local gastronomy and culture.

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