Smart opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises

Demosthenes, ancient Greek statesman and orator

Smart mobility is a new and revolutionary way of thinking about how we get around — one that is cleaner, safer, and more efficient. Put another way: “Zero Emissions, Zero Accidents, Zero Ownership.”The concept of smart mobility includes a wide range of modes of transportation: kick scooters, bicycles (regular, electric, foldable), electric buses, light rail trains, streetcars, taxis, autonomous vehicles, walking… the list is growing. Moreover, users have the option to own or share.

The concept goes beyond just alternative forms of transportation. Smart mobility is built on the following principles:

  • Flexibility: Multiple modes of transportation allow travelers to choose which ones work best for a given situation.
  • Efficiency: The trip gets the traveler to their destination with minimal disruption and in as little time as possible.
  • Integration: The full route is planned door-to-door, regardless of which modes of transportation are used.
  • Clean Technology: Transportation moves away from pollution-causing vehicles to zero-emission ones.
  • Safety: Fatalities and injuries are drastically reduced.Smart mobility promises true convenience: using whatever mode of transportation that best suits a traveler in better health, and saved money.

Smart mobility promises true convenience: using whatever mode of transportation that best suits a traveler in better health, and saved money. The options for implementing smart mobility vary, leaving municipalities lots of room to find solutions tailored for their residents.

In Aigialeia region, your entrance in a more sustainable way of moving will come through the following infrastructure and activities/clubs:

  1. The bicycle lane in the coast line of the city of Aigio, promoting a more responsible and sustainable way of mobility
  2. The Mountain Trekking Club of Aigio, founded back in 1930 offering wonderful excursions in the surroundings mountains of Aigialeia
  3. The biking club of Aigio “Diagoras”
  4. The Horse riding club of Aigio under the same name
  5. The Nautical Club of Aigio
  6. “Odontotos” railway. “Odontotos” starts from the railway station of Diakopto town and follows the breathtaking Vouraikos gorge. After a distance of 22,350 metres and within 60 minutes it ends in the mountain town of Kalavrita, 750 metres from the surface of the sea. The steep and imposing Vouraikos Gorge with the “Odontotos” railway crossing it, is located in the northern part of the  Chelmos – Vouraikos Geopark. Next to the train tracks lies part of the European path E4 used by Greek and foreign hikers alike. The E4 path itself, passing from the sacred place of Delphi, continues with ferry from Ag. Nicholas to Aigio in order to enter Peloponnese, and then to the town of Diakopto which after Kalavrita permeates throughout central mountainous Peloponnese, resulting in Githio and from there to Crete.