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In this online consultation forum active citizens and organizations are given the chance to present their ideas on issues regarding  the topic: How to make Aigialeia a Tourist Destination of Value.

The ideas are categorized as follows:


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Conference on painter Konstantinos Fanellis

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6th International Conference by The Helike Society

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Symposium for the Byzantine Music

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Architecture of Ziller in Aegio - Dept. of Architecture, University of Patras

Featuring the architectural works of Ernst Ziller in the city of Aigio with the contribution of the Department of Architecture of the University of Patras.

Organizing Committee – Contact details in Academic staff of the Department of Architecture, University of Patras.

Interested parties may contact Mr. Yannis Aesopos Professor Department Chair.


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Space Conference

A Space Conference it would be the best way to promote the hosted area. Always the interest on the new ideas and innovation attracts important people of the world scientific community and the publicity is significant. The results of the conference about how it could improve the human life in Earth using space technology and how the new technology would provide solutions to the world scientific community is it precious!

Interested parties may contact Mr. Eleftherios Plafountzis or visit the website.

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The Bee and the planet Earth

  1. International conference to stand out:
  • The role of the Bee in the biodiversity of the planet and the dangers of climate change.
  • The importance of beekeeping in the economic development of the countryside
  • Ways to Develop Beekeeping.
  • Diseases, pests, bee problems.
  • Νatura areas and beekeeping
  • Presentation of the scientific institutes of the country and their research projects and results.
  • Highlighting the value of honey, but also pollen, royal jelly and propolis in human health.
  • International competition for the award of the best honey
  1. Honey and beekeeping products festival as well as beekeeping equipment
  2. Beekeeping Museum

This event is aimed specifically at beekeepers and generally to those who are interested in the bee as well as the health of the consumer.

Experts on the subject of Beekeeping, Medical and Pharmaceutical world, consumer associations ecological movements etc. are expected to attend.

The president of the cultural association of the community of Melissia, Mr. Spyros Christopoulos, gave the idea, independent beekeepers of the area are coming together, scientists such as Ms. Sofia Gounari from the Agricultural University, veteran beekeepers such as Mr. Argyris Koskos claim that it should become a reality.

Interested parties may contact Mr Andreas Markoras.

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Become a reference place for Virtual Reality & Climate Change

The idea is to propose each year an international challenge to produce Virtual Reality Creations showing what the Climate Change means but also solutions contributing to stop it. The selected creations will be invited in Aigialeia in a Festival attracting Virtual Reality actors and those active against Climate Change, which will contribute by their venue to the emergence of a strong new image to Aigialeia, that of a unique place in EU, not only with a brilliant past and nice natural resources but very modern and active in technologies and issues of capital importance in the future. The proximity of Patras University and the Innovation Ecosystem associated to it should be associated naturally to that initiative.

The symbolic dimension of this identity is “rooted in the past but looking to the future”. This is a rather common one in Greece or in Puglia. This common identity should help to share a lot of interesting mutual inspiration intitatives which could be transposed from Gravina to Aigialeia and to Grottaglie. But it could be better focused and used if this identity made better use of the other dimension of FAME Road project: its inspiration from

Interested parties may contact Mr. Athanase Contargyris or visit the website.


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Ancient Greek Family Games

Enjoy a unique family experience, reviving a joyful aspect of the Ancient Greek culture; Playing! Learn about childhood in ancient Greece and play 5 family games, just like ancient Greeks did. Led by an enthusiastic archaeologist, this activity will facilitate knowledge through action & entertainment. Learn about the toys and children games of ancient Greece, while playing with unique replicas!Let your kids and yourself travel back in time, gain skills and have fun! Understand  the timeless importance of playing and discover the connection between ancient Greek and today’s games. Suitable for families with children 5 – 12 years old; the games difficulty level is customized accordingly. Language: Plain English, suitable for families speaking English as a foreign language Duration: 90min approximately.

We will interactively discuss interesting facts about education and childhood in ancient Greece and compare it with our own. We will discover the patron gods of play, the toys and their materials and of course the children games of antiquity; all through real objects, photographs and interactive dialogue!

And then it’s time for action! Following the ancient resources, your family will play five ancient Greek games using exclusive replicas of ancient objects, such as knucklebones, hoop, ball and of course our notorious Water thief (ceramic water timer). You will have fun and a great deal of laughs while trying to prevail and win! The winner will get a special prize, while at the end of the activity you will receive a wonderful souvenir!

This activity gives families the opportunity to discover a joyful part of the daily life of Greeks in the antiquity everyday games. Ancient Greeks, including Achaeans are known for their achievements in multiple aspects such as politics, architecture and warfare, however their daily life is less famous. With this activity we come closer to their actual way of living, and most importantly, we motivate children to learn about history through playing and having fun.

This activity could be performed in open spaces around Aigialeia, such as parks, gardens, estates, school yards etc. for example, inside the Park of Psila Alonia in Aigio.

Interested parties may contact Mrs. Olga Perdikouri in website “Hellas Revival”.

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Historical Bicycle Tour of Krathi Valley

The area of the valley of Krathis, includes the area from Zarouchla, Stygos Waters, to Agridi, where the first rifles of the Revolution sounded, on March 14, 1821. Famous warlords acted in this area and great battles took place.

The athletes will start from Agia Varvara, the village of Theocharopoulos and Tsirikos, will proceed to Halkianika, will pass under Panagia ton Katafigion, and the caves that the Greeks hid during the Turkish occupation, will go to Agridi, where the first revolutionary episode, they will return and ascend to Peristera, the village of Pantzos and the other fighters, they will continue to Solo, where the Battle of Kastraki took place, they will pass in front of Ag. Georgios and the Tower of Soliotis and will end in Zarouchla, in front of the Tower of Charalambis.

A historical route in a unique natural environment with endless greenery, next to the river Krathis, below Styga but also in a place full of emotions, historical memories, watered with the blood of fighters who sacrificed for the liberation of the Homeland.

The total route is 25 km with interesting altitude differences and the roads through which it passes are for the most part, paved.

The purpose of this anniversary race is to highlight the local history and the acquaintance of the athletes and other visitors with a historical place, where glorious warlords, but also ordinary villagers, gave great and heroic battles for the liberation of our country from the Turkish balance.

This event will be repeated every spring.

Interested parties may contact Mrs. Oikonomopoulou.

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Student Competition for electric boats (electromobility at sea)

The aim of the competition is to instill in children a love for the environment in general and the seas of the country, the way in which it can be protected as well as the spread of the idea of e-mobility on boats, the evolution of technology through schools, in to give young children the impetus for new professions, but also for the local island economies to create a different production profile, in addition to that of traditional products, services and tourism, such as the construction and production of technology and know-how for electric boats, an area that we lag behind as a country.

  • The age group of students to which it is addressed is from 13 to 18 years old, are the students of Secondary education.
  • The participation of students is optional and the consent of parents and guardians is required for their participation
  • The organizing body undertakes the entire implementation process of the competition and will ensure the personal data and copyright of the authors.

Interested parties may contact Mr. Andreas Apostolopoulos in website.

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Regatta electric boats with participation from all over the world

In order to promote the developoment of zero-emission, low wash/wake, manoeuvrable and reasonably autonomous electric boats, we have decided to publish the description of the e-Regata as open-source, available to anybody in the world wishing to organise such a competition. Depending on the waterway you use, you may need to modify small details.
These Race Instructions (RI) have been developed by Kevin Desmond (watersport historian and founder of VeniceAgenda2028, Hartmut Ginnow-Merkert (European Championship for Solar Boats), and Jeroen Droogsma (Solar Sport One) and Roy Cooper: In case of a discrepancy between the Italian, German, and English text versions, the English text shall prevail.
Any situation not covered by these rules will be decided on by the Jury. Each team shall participate in compliance with recognised principles of sportsmanship and fair play. 

The responsibility for a competitor’s decision to participate in the race is for his alone. Interested parties may contact Mr. Andreas Apostolopoulos in website here.

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Electric ferry boat in Aigialeia center of global scientific interest


The implementation of  this project, the connection of the two Smart Green Ports with the 1sthybrid (electric-diesel) ship  in Greece, will be signified by:

The restart of the ferry route of Aigio –Agios Nikolaos , that has been stopped due to the economical crisissince 2011.

  • Reduction of the emissions by using conventional fuels ( cleaner seas and ports). Reduction of energy cost for the shiproute, which leads to more competitive coastal navigation.
  • Enhancing and supporting the local economic activities of the municipalities of Aigio and Dorida(tourism, mercantile and economical activity).
  • Third connection point between Peloponnese and Central Greece.
  • Establishing Innovation Centre of Aegialeia under the scientific supervision of University of West Attica, (i.e.conferences, seminars, webinars, events, scientific announcements at international and national conferences, etc.).
  • Establishing an Inspection and Qualification Model Centre for Hybrid –Electric Propulsion Ships.

Contact Mr. Andreas Apostolopoulos in website.

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iFAST - UPatras TESS

iFAST proposal will be led by the Mobility, Transport and Traffic Engineering Studies Unit (TESS) of University of Patras, founded in 1991 and operating with the primary goal of promoting teaching and research in the fields of Intelligent Mobility, Transportation and Traffic Systems. The main activities of TESS include:
1. Lecturing, supervision and research in the fields of intelligent mobility, personal mobility, e-mobility, traffic engineering, transportation analysis and design, smart cities, energy, infrastructure and transportation, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), connected ITS (C-ITS), intelligent fleet management, ITS and construction management, and intelligent systems for the transportation disadvantaged.
2. The promotion of research activities in intelligent transport systems and intelligent mobility, including topics aiming at drastically improving the information, management, quality, safety and security of travel, based on models of intelligent incident management, risk assessment, optimum safety in intermodal/multimodal hubs (including ports & airports), and sustainable passenger and freight transport.
3. Applied traffic engineering studies in urban areas, including Pedestrianisation, Bicycle/e-bicycle routes planning, Rail transport, Traffic Signs/Signals, Intelligent parking, Transport safety, Accident analysis, Driver behaviour, Digitalisation. Computer applications and simulation models for transport operations, planning, user behaviour, market research. 

Environmental impact of transport. UPatras website.

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In Rememberance of the Fall of Constantinouple 1453

In remembrance of the Fall of Constantinouple and this year΄s Centennial Genocide of Pontos. 

This is an annual event. It stars with a memorial service in remembrance of Konstantinos Palaiologos, followed by a litany with the sacred heirloom icons of a family from a the time of Constantinople’s fall that eventually ended up residing peremantly in Longos and many other events. The event is under the auspices of the Metropolis of Aigialeia and Kalavryta, with the collaboration of many local cultural associations, the phillarmonic orchestra of Aigio and many other participants.

Interested parties may contact in “Historical & Folklore Museum of Longos”.

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Conducting sports competitions of high standards

Sports meetings that will usually last a weekend. The wider event may also include activities on Friday, in properly selected areas of Aegialeia.

The goal is the tourist promotion and development of the wider area, through standard sports activities, at least twice a year. First, one in July (at the peak of the summer tourist season) and then one during the Autumn.

Aegialeia is a close destination and easy access from the capital and other urban centers. It has adequate visitor support infrastructure, an alternating landscape (coastal – mountainous) and significant activity throughout the year. It offers a tempting proposal to escape from everyday life, affordable and interesting for a wide range of population.

Several points of Aegialeia are landmarks and areas of special interest (monuments, beaches, routes, geological formations, etc.). The acquaintance with them and the repeated visits (tourism, excursions, etc.) are already known and recorded, but it is estimated that the wider area will accommodate new visitors, resulting in extended vacations (three days or even longer intervals).

Sports organizations also have a financial interest in the businesses of the area as studies show that the average athlete leaves at least 30 – 60 € / day. The goal is the participation of 300 athletes per event. Athletes usually visit the areas with an escort or with their family, which means extra income for the area. In fact, the Autumn event is related to the extension of the typical tourist season.

The area that hosts events of this type, is experiencing exponential growth after the first 2 years, according to available data. The consequence of such events is the creation and development of a strong and clear “Brandname” for the region as a sports destination, with the ultimate goal of becoming a stable choice in the sports calendari of distinguished athletes. The successful conduct of these races can bring athletes from abroad as long as the conditions of the race are of international safety and technical standards, with a direct impact on the sizes described.

The benefits that come from organizing sporting events and the experiences gained from them, have both total and individual value (stakeholder value):

  1. For the Municipal Authority and the Local Self-Government Bodies
  • development of a product – service that “belongs” to the Municipality
  • extensive promotion and promotion of the municipality during the event (interviews, press releases, advertisements, radio – TV spots, etc.)
  1. For Businesses
  • promotion of the existing tourism product and therefore strengthening of the local economy (food and beverage, accommodation, entertainment, support services, etc.)
  • development of activities related to sports (coaches, sporting goods and equipment dealers, physiotherapists, dieticians, teams, athlete transportation services, etc.)
  1. For individuals – residents
  • a new dimension in the daily life of the local community – happy citizens
  • acquaintance with distinguished athletes that contributes to the exemplary, the development of sports culture and active involvement in sports from a wide range of ages, to fair competition and rivalry
  • development of volunteerism, strengthening of locality and love for the place, development of collective effort and cooperation

For all the above, the auspices of the Services of the Municipality and the Local Self-Government are required, the thematic assistance of local bodies, sponsorships of companies but also the participation of individuals and networks of volunteers.

Proposed to organize a three-day sports trial in September 2021 in the coastal zone of Akrata. The intervening period is considered necessary both for the proper preparation and for reasons related to the evolution of the covid-19 pandemic.

Interested parties may contact Mrs. M. Salapata (Race Pace, sports events).

Points of Interest

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Cultural, Educational & Entertainment "YOUTH STATION" @ old Railway Station of Aigio

Restoration of the building of the old Railway Station of Aigio to:

  • An Exhibition Center of history and culture of trains and rail transport, with emphasis on the influence of the train on the cultivation and distribution of the special local product, the black Corinthian raisin.
  • A Multi-venue for cultural and conference events (theatrical, musical, visual, book presentations, etc.)
  • A cafe/restaurant to serve the “STATION OF YOUTH” with architectural decoration and refined decor reminiscent of an old train station.

Repair and energy upgrade of thirty eight (38) wagons to create spaces in which they will operate:·        

  • Rooms for cultural and entertainment, educational programs·        
  • Dining and hospitality rooms (Youth Hostel)·        
  • Rooms for permanent or periodic art exhibitions, or local history and local agricultural products.

Interested parties may contact Mr. Leonidas Mavroudis.