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Founded in 1994 from the Historical and Folklore Foundation of Aegialeia (I.L.E.A), by the initiative and actions of its president Vana Bentevi lyricist – historian. It is situated in a two-stoney traditional store building, which is linked to Andreas Londos historic family. Was opened for the public in September 1998.  The Folklore Museum is placed on the ground floor and the Historic Museum is on the first floor. The exhibits are excusive offers from the residents of Aigio (family heirlooms) and cover all historical periods.

The folklore material is varied and remarkable, classified into units in four rooms, and includes: household utensils, furniture, costumes, agricultural tools and machinery used for household purposes, items rural and bucolic life, looms hand woven materials and tools of textile industry and others.

The Historical exhibits are also significant and of particular historical value. They are allocated in six rooms, according to the eras, from the Turkish Occupation until 1950. This material consists of guns, costumes, jewelry that dates back to 1821, coins, paintings, historical photographs, documents, war medals, items from the Second World War etc. In addition, there is a library with historical and folklore books and the Municipal Gallery that is housed in another room. Finally there is one more room that contains pieces of furniture, dining sets, portraits and hats from the Bourgeois Era of Aigio.


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