Tavern Kristallenia

The tavern of Kristallenia is located at the village of Chantzis, only 15 minutes outside of Aigio city. Frankly, one of the most romantic places you will ever dine at. The warm atmosphere, so laid back, the high beaming ceilings and the traditional wooden décor worked wonders for the ambience. The inside area looked warm and inviting whereas the outside was surrounded by breathtaking mountains, occasionally filled with picturesque vineyards and waves of olive trees. The sunlight reflecting its occasional twinkle over the neighboring gorge, further added another captivated touch in this breathtaking canvas of awe. Mesmerizing!

The blend of the flavors is perfect, almost heavenly! Service just splendid as our attendant was available for us at every beck and call. The overall place, its explicitly grand ambience, the warm inviting food and the celebrity like special treatment will definitely make you want to go back in time and go through the wonderful experience all over again.

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Website: https://el-gr.facebook.com/tavernakrystallenia/

Agricultural Cooperatives Union

The Agricultural Cooperatives Union – Aigio, Greece (P.E.S. Union), established in 1935, consists of 44 agricultural cooperatives with active membership of about 6,000 active growers.

P.E.S. Union operates at its own new and modern complex which includes process and standardization factories for currants, olive oil and citrus fruits.  The Union employs about 200 high-qualified persons on the company’s premises.

P.E.S. Union‘s main products are the following:

  • Currants “VOSTIZZA P.D.O.”
  • Currants
  • Sultanas
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Citrus fruits (Lemons, Oranges)
  • Organic products

Currently P.E.S. is the main exporter of Currants as it packs and exports approximately 60% of the total annual production.

P.E.S. Union is involved in almost 90% of the highest quality “VOSTIZZA P.D.O.” production but it also packs and exports great quantities of Currants of the “Gulf” and “Provincial” classes. It is considered as a pioneer in the cultivation and marketing of organic products in Greece since 1983.

At the same time, it is the main supplier of Currants of bakery and pastry industry.

Its products are distributed in all the EU state-members, mainly to England, Holland, Germany and France, as well as third countries such as Australia, USA, Russia, Japan, Canada, India and others.

Telephone Number: 2691 025169

Website: http://www.eu-currants.eu/site/en/pesunion.html