Water, salt, yeast, and flour. The ingredients of the excellent bread from Gravina in Puglia. Meanwhile, bread is an important source of carbohydrates, present in the form of starch, an important and fundamental nutrient for a correct and healthy diet. The variety of bread is based mainly on the type of flour used, i.e., the variety of wheat: soft wheat, suitable to produce bread and leavening products, and durum wheat, from which semolina is made for pasta production. A ‘quality’ bread, that of Gravina in Puglia, with its content of carbohydrates and proteins of biological value, is a healthy choice suitable for all types of dietary regimes. Finally, there is the skill of the Gravina in Puglia bakers, who are masters of baking the product and preparing the dough. The bread of Gravina in Puglia is appreciated by outsiders.