Many have written, spoken and immortalised with images the very long history of Gravina, which has its roots as far back as the 8th century B.C. and, through the various civilisations, has unfolded over the centuries with amazing and extraordinary evidence.

However, no one had ever before thought of the existence of an underground

Gravina, the one on which, very absent-mindedly, we walk every day; a Gravina just as evocative and full of charm where time, almost as if by magic, has stopped.

Michele Parisi, president of the Gravina Sotterranea Association, has brought to light, with tenacity and perseverance, an unpublished and unknown Gravina, penetrating the mysteries enclosed in the meanders of impassable tunnels with faithful companions, ready to share the risks of a reckless adventure.

In the video and photographic collection, the Association mixes the visible Gravina and the hidden Gravina, both rich in historical depth.