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“Vino è musica” festival

“Wine is Music” is the festival that critics, public and national press judge as one of the best “quality” elements of the tourist offer in Puglia.

The event is held at the end of July, in the beautiful scenery of the Ceramics district of Grottaglie. The preparatory activities for the event start between May and July with a series of premieres in which the themes of the wine world are examined in depth. The proposals include docu-film screenings, book presentations, conferences, themed tastings and a real competition for the best wine of the edition.

Two days before the event two juries (composed by important names of the wine sector, journalists and wine experts) taste more than 300 wine labels in search of the tastiest and most particular product, to be awarded during the welcome event to all wine producers held the day before the opening to the general public.

This is followed by two nights “on the road” that identify the real event: the neighborhood alleys become a constellation of artists and musicians ready to cheer the tasting paths chosen by visitors. During these events it is possible to accompany the wines with a whole series of tasty enogastronomic products: from street food reworked by renowned chefs and local culinary associations, to dishes made by the best restaurants in the city.

These evenings are completed by the magic of music, theatre and photography, with exhibitions, concerts and shows that enchant visitors with the beauty of art made in the South.